About us
Nina Busari

My name is Nina Busari. I am pleased to present You the site of our small family producer`s co-operative society, specialised in producing a common but healing plant - -aronia-.
We live in the town of Dobrich. We believe that you can have good success wherever you are, as long as God is with you. That is why we are still in Bulgaria, praying that The Lord shall bless our country. We planted the very first plantations in 2008. As keen suporters of the -biological production- we grow our plants with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. For several years we make a lot of effort to guarantee quality and safety for the -products- of aronia we offer you. The company, which certificates the organic origin of our fruit is -BALKAN BIOCERT-.
Our producer`s co-operative society is small but effective - just like aronia itself!

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