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Bee pollen

Price: 1.50 EUR per 100g

Bee pollen contains all essential components of life.

Bee pollen has protective and healing activities on the heart and liver, stimulates growth and the production of red blood cells. It improves the work of the immune system and can play important role in the inhibition of inflammation.

bio-aronia-juice, Organic Aronia BG

100% Organic Aronia Juice

Price: 11.80 EUR per 3L

We offer you 100% cold-pressed and pasteurized chokeberry juice!

It has beneficial effects on metabolism, blood formation and promotes regeneration of muscle and bone tissue.

bio-aronia fruit, Organic Aronia BG

Fresh Organic Chokeberries

Price: 1000.00 EUR per 1 ton

Our fresh organic aronia is derived from plants, grown on the best agricultural land in Bulgaria, the black soil of Dobrudzha.

Fresh aronia berries have pleasant taste. They are rich in vitamins and polyphenols and are used as natural source of antioxidants in variety of healthy diets. Fruits are recommended mainly for the prevention and cotreatment of cardiovascular diseases and dieabetes.

dried bio-aronia, Organic Aronia BG

Dried Organic Aronia

Price: 4600.00 EUR per 1 ton

The dried organic chokeberries have all healthy ingredients that are found in the fresh fruit, but in higher concentration.

Dried fruits are ready for immediate consumption. They can be used for the preparation of various dishes and drinks (tea, etc.).

aronia powder, Organic Aronia BG

Organic Aronia Powder

Price: 12 500.00 EUR per 1 ton

The powder has no preservatives and no color additive. It is made of 100% micronized dried organic aronia.

Chokeberry powder is a product easy to store and use. You can add it to your yoghurt or flour for example. It improves the metabolism and strenghtens the immune system.

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